The Conductor

It should have been the man in the white coat, but he wore a blazer and tie.

“Let’s put our heads together,” he said to his companion, new to all this, as I was.

They were speaking code about something not to be revealed, now, here.

But I knew it when I heard it,

The conductor punching that ticket at last.

mds La Veta 2-18

I was born. I am alive. Life is going to kill me. As it always does, for that is the nature of it. The human problem is that we know we exist and so we bear the weight and consequence of that consciousness which is fatal. We live and as a result we die. It is what we do between those points that matters.

I am surprisingly comfortable with this. Given due diligence on my part, the love of family and friends and medical science I am likely to survive a few, or many more years. That is always an open question. In fact this unwelcome news does have a positive aspect: its focused my attention and life toward understanding what is truly important.

I’m working toward understanding this and uncovering the things I need to do to make my life true, authentic and connected to family and friends. A worthy goal I have too long neglected.

As I stumble along on this path I will share what I encounter here in hopes that it will be useful to someone else.


Author: Michael Douglas Scott

Writer, Anthropologist, Computer Scientist, Historian, Independent Centrist, Veteran, Husband, Father, Cancer Survivor

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