Paying Attention to the Signs

Having cancer leads to some interesting insights. I am much more attuned to other cancer survivors these days. I classify those of us who have had or have now cancer in whatever form as survivors. We are still walking around. I feel some comradeship with people I see who have lost their hair due to chemo. Those are the most obvious survivors and you know every one of them I have interacted with, or observed their interactions with other, are more gentle, kind and aware people. I know that I am. Having been subject to a serious condition is a certain way to refocus your attention on life and what things and people are actually important.

It may be trite to say that each day is important, even though it is. I totally comprehended the notion that today is all there is since we can’t recover the past and tomorrow will always be out of reach, always tomorrow. Comprehending is one thing but, getting your ticket punched for a ride on the cancer train is a sign that one can begin to understand that. I’m still working on that part. I’m beginning to be closer to my loved ones, do better things for myself and learning how to appreciate today and to make real and viable plans for the future. I’m working on what I want my life to be like three years from now, what it is now, what needs to change and the discipline to do that. If I know where I’m starting from and where I want to go, I can now judge my progress and correct my mistakes along the way. (At this point I have to thank Dr. Jordan Peterson for these insights.)

One thing is, I’m into writing my next book.


Author: Michael Douglas Scott

Writer, Anthropologist, Computer Scientist, Historian, Independent Centrist, Veteran, Husband, Father, Cancer Survivor

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