Welcome to the ER

If having cancer wasn’t enough, last week I got knocked down by a sepsis infection. It must have been creeping up for a few days but the symptoms were subtle enough, or I’m unaware enough, that I didn’t give them much attention. Small chills at night. Loss of appetite. General malaise. The, in about three hours I went from a physically active morning to the ER. Heavy chills and shaking. Fever of 102.5.

The ER folks were good. I wore my Cardinals jacket because it was still cold at 7000′. He is a big Cardinal fan. Not that it helped but he was very competent. After IV’s, scans and lab tests they announced they were going to keep me. Turned out I was in the hospital for four days before they got my fluids up, blood pressure up and the infection under control. Sepsis is no joke. Life threatening if not treated in time.

The food was ok to bad and the bed was just bad. Adjustable, but bad. Could never get comfortable. Nothing like being awakened every two hours during the night to have your vitals taken. Nothing like being unable to walk without assistance and sitting on the edge of the bed and peeing into a large bottle. An experience I don’t wish to to repeat.

Recovery at home is a slow business. Long course of antibiotics and plenty of rest. And I mean plenty. I can still read and write but I seem to need long naps every afternoon.

On the good side, the cancer medications seem to be slowly working. My leg swelling continues to decrease. But, being all mixed up with the sepsis medications and recovery, I won’t really know for a few weeks.


Author: Michael Douglas Scott

Writer, Anthropologist, Computer Scientist, Historian, Independent Centrist, Veteran, Husband, Father, Cancer Survivor

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